Wax Melt Safety Tips

Wax Melt Safety Tips helping you prolong the life of your wax melts and wax melt burners, whilst being safe.


  • Only use wax burners designed for wax melts.  Wax Burners should be at least 10cm from tealight to top of burner.
  • Always use a Wax Burner within sight.
  • Ensure there is room around the Wax Burner for the air and fragrance to circulate.
  • Keep the Wax Burner away from anything that may catch fire.
  • Keep the Wax Burner away from draughts, children, and pets.
  • Do not place the Wax Burner in full sunlight as this will burn off the fragrance oil too quickly and have an impact on how the wax behaves.
  • If using a tealight Wax Burner, only use tealights with up to 4 hours burn time.  Only use 1 tealight at a time unless you have a double burner and are instructed differently.
  • Make sure the Wax Burner is placed on a level, heat proof surface.
  • Never overfill your Wax Burner (1 cube/square/heart or 2 small samples should be enough).
  • Never move the Wax Burner whilst the tealight is lit or burner is hot.
  • Once you can no longer smell the fragrance, or you wish to change the scent, ensure tealight has been extinguished or your Wax Burner has been turned off, allow wax to cool slightly then remove wax from the bowl using a couple of cotton balls or kitchen paper to soak up the melted wax. Dispose of these in a bin.
  • When changing the wax always check your Wax Burner for signs of damage (chips or cracks) before putting new wax in and using.
  • Never pour melted wax down the sink.