Thoughtful and fun things to do on Mother’s Day

In this Blog I’ve come up with a few thoughtful and fun things to do on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your gratitude to the person who raised you.

If you live too far away from your mum, you can always arrange a Zoom or FaceTime chat.  Maybe organise some activities to do at the same time, whilst on the call.

If you are seeing your mum on Mother’s Day there are plenty of activities you could do together.

These ideas can be adapted to suit either situation:

  1. Cook a family recipe – teach the younger generation how to make a family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation.
  2. Plan an impromptu getaway – there are plenty of places you could escape to. It could be a spa day, a long weekend enjoying some shopping or just being in nature.
  3. Help tackle her to-do list – either allow your mum to put her feet up and you do the household chores or help her cross off some of the jobs she’s struggling to do on her own.
  4. Throw a tea party – send a gift hamper (either one that you’ve bought or one that you’ve made up yourself). If you can’t be together in person this is a fantastic idea to do over Zoom or FaceTime.  You can then eat the goodies at the same time.
  5. Watch a Mother-Daughter movie – another great activity that you can do either in-person or virtually. If you do it via Zoom / FaceTime make sure you are connected the whole time so it feels like you are together.  It will also allow you to discuss the film and its characters / actors as you watch.
  6. If your mum is a keen gardener check if there are any local gardens open up to the public and take her along.
  7. Bake something together – if you both enjoy baking why not make a cake together. You can eat later with a cup of tea, whilst having a good chat.
  8. Have a BBQ – if the weather is good enough why not host a BBQ and enjoy the weather at the same time.
  9. Plan a picnic – following on from the BBQ idea you could plan a picnic somewhere nice. If the weather isn’t good you could always set up a blanket in your living room.
  10. Volunteer together – spend the day volunteering for a cause that is close to both of your hearts.
  11. Take her out for a meal – it can be either breakfast, lunch or dinner. We all deserve a break from cooking!
  12. Serve breakfast in bed – if you are still living at home or your mum is visiting why not serve her breakfast in bed.
  13. Go for a walk – get outside and enjoy some fresh air and nature. It will make the cake and tea even more enjoyable afterwards.
  14. Do some crafting – find something you can both make together and will both enjoy.
  15. Treat her to a pamper – whether it’s a manicure or facial. What mum wouldn’t be grateful for a bit of pampering?