Scents have been used for centuries in all kinds of rituals as they can promote healing, meditation and cleanse energies.

Our sense of smell is an incredibly powerful sense.  Scents stimulate the part of our brain linked to memory and mood.

Studies conducted suggest that certain scents can help reduce feelings of fear and anxiety, thereby reducing stress and lifting moods.

If you are looking for scents that can help you manage your mood, anxiety and stress here is a list of some scents that can help:

  • Lavender – instantly relaxes the mind and body
  • Clary Sage – lifts mood
  • Cinnamon – makes you feel refreshed
  • Orange – reduces stress
  • Lemon – improves mood
  • Apple – controls anxiety
  • Peppermint – wakes up your mind and enhances focus
  • Frankincense – helps battle anxiety and gives stress relief
  • Sandalwood – relaxes and calms body and mind
  • Vanilla – increases happiness levels, uplifts your mood and stimulates feelings of relaxation and joy
  • Lemongrass – relieves stress, calms nerves
  • Bergamot – reduces anxiety, increases positive mood
  • Cedar – promotes relaxation and reduces stress / anxiety
  • Coconut – relieves anxiety
  • Coffee – reduces stress
  • Ginger – relieves anxiety

The majority of my wax melt scents have been chosen for their ability to help relieve stress and anxiety.