We could all do with some calm in our lives, right?  Most people think that meditation, engaging with nature and getting a good night’s sleep are the best ways to help you relax.  Although these are all great ways to promote relaxation, scents can also play an important part.  Our sense of smell influences our mood and can trigger memories associated with these smells.  For instance, you probably felt the most relaxed whilst on holiday and this memory and feeling can be replicated by a scent that reminds you of this holiday.

Here is a list of scents that can be calming and relaxing:

  • Ylang Ylang – relaxing, calming, perfect for soothing an argument
  • Sea Breeze – soothes an overactive and worried mind
  • Lavender – calming and relaxing
  • Lemon – calming and improves concentration
  • Grass – freshly cut grass reminds you of happy summer days
  • Rosemary – improves memory, energising, relaxing
  • Bergamot – reduces tension and improves positive mood
  • Peppermint – calms
  • Cinnamon – calming, increases mental focus
  • Eucalyptus – relaxes, energises, gets you motivated
  • Jasmine – calming, soothing, promotes relaxation
  • Vanilla – calming
  • Clary Sage – relaxing
  • Rose and Geranium – both are relaxing, calming
  • Vetiver – similar to grassy scents, relaxing

I have chosen my wax melt scents for their calming and relaxing abilities/ properties.