How to Clean and Empty a Wax Burner

Wax burners are a popular way to enjoy the delightful scents of wax melts, but eventually, it becomes necessary to clean and empty the burner to prepare it for new fragrances.  Cleaning a wax burner is a simple process that requires a few basic steps.  In this blog post, I will guide you through the process of cleaning and emptying a wax burner effectively.

Step 1:  Allow the Wax to Cool Slightly.

The easiest way to clean the wax burner is to ensure that the wax has cooled down slightly.  If your wax has completely solidified, then I would suggest heating it until it has just started to melt.  Be extremely cautious at this point, as you run the risk of burning yourself or damaging surfaces when attempting to remove the molten wax.

Step 2:  Soak Up the Melted Wax

Once the wax has melted slightly you can proceed to remove it from the burner.  If the wax is slightly soft, you can use light pressure to push the wax out of the burner.  If the wax is molten take a couple of cotton woold balls and use them to soak up the melted wax.  Be careful not to let the hot wax come into contact with your fingers or let it drip onto polished wood surfaces or the carpet.  Gently press the cotton wool balls against the wax, absorbing it until the burner’s dish is empty.

Step 3:  Wipe the Burner Dish

After removing the molten wax, you’ll need to wipe the burner dish clean.  Use either a fresh cotton wool ball or a piece of kitchen paper to wipe the dish.  Avoid touching the burner with your hands, as it may still be hot and could cause burns.  Ensure that you remove all traces of wax, leaving the dish clean and ready for the next use.

Step 4:  Drying the Burner

It’s important to ensure that the burner is completely dry before adding new was and lighting it.  If you choose to wash the burner, make sure it is thoroughly dried before proceeding.  Water or moisture present in the burner when melting wax can cause the wax to spit and bubble up, leading to potential hazards and a less enjoyable scent experience.  Take extra care to ensure the burner is completely dry and free of any moisture.

In conclusion, cleaning and emptying a wax burner is a straightforward process that involves allowing the wax to cool slightly, soaking up the melted wax, wiping the burner dish clean, and ensuring the burner is dry.  Following these steps will help you maintain a clean and safe wax burner, ready for your next wax melt experience.  Enjoy the beautiful aromas and ambience that wax burners provide!

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