Creative Ways to Repurpose Your Old Candle Containers


Do you have a collection of old candle containers lying around?  Instead of throwing them away, why not give them a new life?  These versatile jars can be repurposed in numerous ways, adding both functionality and charm to your home.  In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of creative ideas to repurpose your old candle containers. From decorative uses to storage solutions in different areas of your home.


  1. A Planter for Greenery: Clean out your candle jar and transform it into a charming home for a small cactus or succulent.  Placing it on a windowsill or table will add a touch of greenery to your space.
  2. Bud Vase: Fill the far with water and use it as a delightful vase for displaying fresh flowers.  It’s perfect for displaying a single bloom or a small bouquet.
  3. Tea Light Holder: Drop a tea light into the jar and let the soft glow create a cosy ambiance in any room.
  4. Candle Match Storage: Keep your candle matches in one place by repurposing the jar as a stylish container.  Decorate it to match your décor and always have your matches at hand.
  5. Table Decoration: Add beauty to your dining room table or other surfaces by arranging decorative glass jars filled with natural items. You can fill them with items like pinecones, pine needles, or dried flowers.  They can even bring a subtle, pleasant scent to the room.
    1. Build a Terrarium:  Closed terrariums can be constructed inside old candle jars with lids.  Fill them with rocks, pebbles, moss, soil, and various decorations to create a self-contained miniature garden.


    1. Candy Jars: Turn your candle jars into delightful containers for storing sweet treats.  They’ll not only keep the candy fresh but also add a touch of whimsy to your kitchen.
    2. Charcuterie Board: Use the jars to store and display food items like nuts, dried fruits, or crackers. This will add a practical and stylish touch to your charcuterie board.
    3. Tea or Coffee Storage: Lidded candle jars can be repurposed for storing loose tea leaves or ground coffee, keeping them fresh and easily accessible.
    4. Pantry Snack Containers: Store small snacks like pretzels or trail mix in candle jars, ensuring they stay organised and visible in your pantry.
    5. Drinkware: Get creative and repurpose your candle jars as drinking glasses or special cocktail glasses.  They can add a unique touch to your next gathering.


    1. Toothbrush and Toothpaste Holder: Keep your oral care essentials organised by using a candle jar as a stylish holder on your bathroom countertop.
    2. Makeup Storage: Store your makeup brushes, lipsticks, eyelines, mascaras, and other beauty products in repurposed candle jars, creating a neat and functional display.
    3. Hair Accessory Organiser: Use candle jars to store hair ties, scrunchies, or hair clips.  This will add a touch of charm to your vanity while keeping these items within easy reach.
    4. Toiletry Storage: Repurpose candle jars as containers for cotton balls, cotton pads, or cotton buds, keeping your bathroom essentials organised and easily accessible.
    5. Manicure Tool Holder: Keep your manicure tools in one place by using a candle jar. Store items like nail clippers, nail files, an orange stick, and cuticle clippers.


    1. Pen and Pencil Holder: Keep your workspace tidy by storing pens, pencils, and other writing instruments in a cleaned candle jar on your desk.
    2. Small Item Storage: Organise office supplies like paper clips, staples, rubber bands, or any other small items in candle jars. This will ensure they’re easy to find when needed.
    3. Spare Change Collector: Repurpose a candle jar as a container for spare change. This will help you keep track of loose coins while adding a decorative element to your workspace.


    1. Nails, Nuts, and Bolts: Keep small hardware items organised by using candle jars as storage containers.  They’re perfect for storing nails, screws, nuts, and bolts, preventing them from getting lost or mixed up.
    2. Tool Storage: Use candle jars to store small tools like screwdrivers, keeping them together and easily accessible when you need them.


    Don’t let your old candle containers go to waste.  With a little creativity and cleaning, you can repurpose them in numerous ways throughout your home.  From decorative accents to functional storage solutions, these jars can add charm and organisation to any space.  So, before throwing them out, consider the possibilities and give your old candle containers a new purpose!